Can YOU get the best deal at End Of Financial Year sale time?

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It’s almost June and all the car dealers and manufacturers are out spruiking their wares and dangling incentives to get you into the showroom.

But are you able to get the best deal when you’re up against a seasoned car salesman?

with can you get the best deal when you the is it really the best time of year to buy that new car or is it all just hype?

As an industry insider with access to all the info, we know it can also be a time when car dealers rub their hands together and try to shake down the average punter for everything they’re worth. Yes, you are more likely to get a better deal during this time as car dealers are frantically trying to meet yearly sales targets and clear outdated stock but really, do you stand a chance against a seasoned car salesman to get the best possible deal?

Let’s take David as an example:
He is 32 years old, he bought his first car at 18 and now he’s onto his 5th car. The second child is on the way and he needs a bigger car. David’s first new car was at the age of 28 after that first big promotion and now it’s time to update it so he can fit the whole family. In theory, David has done the driveway dance with other unskilled negotiators for his first few cars and a fifth time if you include the house he bought last year, but don’t get me started on that industry!

The new car salesman at the dealership, Terry, is 52 and as per most typical salespeople, he has a bad haircut, a little too much aftershave and is slightly condescending. Realistically, Terry has probably sold on average 15 cars per month for the last ten odd years, which is approximately 1800 over his career.

What chance does David have against Terry of truly getting the best deal? Zip, buckley’s, nada or none is the correct answer. It could be compared to the QLD origin team playing a local park footy team and losing. Even without Cam, JT and Cooper, the locals wouldn’t stand a chance.

There are some genuinely great people in the motor industry, but as always, they are out to do a job and get a cheque. Sometimes it makes sense to hand some of life’s tasks over to a professional. You wouldn’t do your own electrical work in your house unless you were qualified, so why the hell would you look at spending 30, 50 or even 80k at a dealership without enlisting a professional.

If it could save you a few hundred or thousand, 10 minutes and a second opinion is well worth the investment.


If the idea of going head to head with the dealers is daunting and you’re ready to get a great deal, call Salary Packaging Australia on 1300 786 664 and we can do the hard work for you. Our team of Novated Leasing experts are available to answer any questions about your choice of vehicle and how to keep more money in your wallet.

Do I have to work in government to take up a Novated lease?

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A common question we get at SPA is “Do I have to work in government to take up a Novated lease?” We want take a moment to clear up this misconception.

Novated leasing has been favoured by many levels of government for the last 15 years. But unbeknownst to many people, all companies can set up novated leasing for their staff. Many in payroll find the task daunting when trying to run the program internally, due to remembering to pay a staff members rego or re-imbursement of fuel receipts etc. Most payroll officers simply don’t have time for a cup of tea let alone another 5 hours of work every week.

SPA is an outsourced fleet management and accounting service for your employees. In layman’s terms, your payroll team only need to follow up a few basic steps and SPA can do the rest. The steps are:

1.      Payroll will set up deductions for each payroll cycle.
2.      SPA sends a deduction request sheet
3.      Payroll send deduction amounts to accounts payable who then sends funds to SPA
4.      SPA takes care of everything else!

Only 4 steps to step up novated leasing for your staff – it’s as simple as that! If your payroll team can’t fulfil these sorts of tasks, it might be time to look for a new payroll officer.

There is nothing tricky, hidden or secretive. All the reporting and spreadsheets are done for you. It is really that easy.

Most employers should be able set up and run this for their staff, whether you are in mining, education, financial service or hospitality industries. These are simple items and do not take a great deal or effort per pay cycle and can even be set up as an automated deduction at the employer’s request to make it even less time consuming.

So, ask your yourself. Is your employer doing the best for you?


In the meantime, you can get an instant online quote and see our current vehicle deals by clicking the button below. If you have any questions about novated leasing, talk to the team at SPA by calling 1300 786 664 .



WIN State Of Origin Game 3 Tickets with Salary Packaging Australia

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Why watch game 3 on TV at home when you can win a STATE OF ORIGIN Game 3 package and be a part of the action at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on 11th July, 2018. All you have to do to go into the draw is submit a quote request via phone, email or in person for any SPA provided benefit and if you are a QLD resident, you could win!!

This STATE OF ORIGIN prize package includes:

  • Two Platinum Tickets to State of Origin Game 3 in Brisbane
  • Return Flights to Brisbane*
  • 1 Night accommodation at Rydges Southbank
  • Limo transfer from Brisbane Airport to the hotel
  • $300 spending money

QLDers look after QLDers!! The team at SPA has your back, helping you save and pay less per week. Don’t send your money South of the border, get a novated lease from a local, Brisbane based company. Get your quote now to be in the running for this great STATE OF ORIGIN package.




Competition runs from 4/5/2018 at 8am until 22/6/2018 at 2pm (AESDT). To enter the competition, a participant must submit a valid quote request via phone, email or in person for any SPA provided benefit and provide legitimate contact details, including name, phone and email. This competition is only eligible to QLD residents. The prize winner will be drawn by random selection by the General Manager of SPA at 3pm on 22nd June 2018. The prizes include 2 x platinum tickets to State of Origin Game 3, 1 night accommodation at Rydges South Bank, return flights within Queensland* (if flights are not required, SPA will negotiate an additional prize), limo transfer to and from the airport and $300 spending money. SPA appreciates the importance of confidentiality and the individual’s right to privacy. We are committed to protecting one’s personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. For further information regarding our policy visit

Salary Packaging Australia Pty Ltd ABN 53 009 643 485

Toyota Hilux continues to be Australia’s best-selling vehicle.

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After taking the title in 2016 for Australia’s best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Hilux has done it again and continues to hold the title for 2017.

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), in December alone the Toyota Hilux topped the market at 3949 sales, followed by the Holden Astra (3533), the Ford Ranger (3458), the Holden Colorado (3222) and then the Mazda3 (2807).

Not only have Hilux 4X4 sales increased by 13.6 percent when compared with 2016 but overall vehicle sales for 2017 that amounted to 1,189,116 units, meant a 0.9 percent sales increase. Another record year for overall vehicle sales. Despite economic warnings, this sales boom is expected to continue in 2018, as predicted by the FCAI, due to economic growth, low-interest rates, and competition.

Now the question is, will Australia continue to shun traditional sedans and hatchbacks in favour of utes and SUVs?

And with the sales growth of utes which now account for one in five new vehicle sales, will the Hilux take out the title in 2018? Stay tuned.

Want to help get the Hilux to the best-selling vehicle in 2018? Click the button below to our vehicle deals page to see our Hilux and many other deals.

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What is the Meal and Entertainment Card and how can this benefit be used?

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If you work for a not-for-profit employer or the Northern Territory Public Health Service, you may be eligible to salary package $2,650 per year by using the meal and entertainment benefit on meals, entertainment, and even accommodation. We interviewed our General Manager, John Heinke to give you more information about this benefit.


What is a Meal and Entertainment Card?

Meal and Entertainment cards are a type of Australian tax office salary packaging available to employers who work for the NT public health service or those who qualify as not-for-profit (an entity set up for the benefit of members) e.g. a trade union or a public Benevolent Institution (charity for tax purposes) e.g. Royal flying doctor service. The meal entertainment card allows employees to expense food and drink, entertainment, holiday accommodation, and even venue hire while using pre-tax dollars.


How much can an employee save each fortnight or each year?

In actual dollar terms, the employee can package $2,650 per annum. This can be spent on meals, accommodation and function hire using pre-tax dollars.

Any employee of a qualified employer can access the meal and entertainment card.


So, it’s an actual legal benefit offered to employees and is approved by the ATO?

Yes. There are rules around how much can be used, who can qualify to use the card and, most importantly, rigid ATO reporting requirements. But if your employer’s status qualifies for this approved tax benefit then employees can access the tax savings.


Why would an employer choose to offer this benefit to staff?

To be able to provide $2,650 of an employee’s salary in a tax-free method means the employee is financially better off. At a 30% tax rate, the tax saving is $795. Salary Packaging Australia can provide this benefit to employers at no cost.


How else can this be used as a benefit and is it all just about meals out and dining or can I use it in other ways?

The Meal and Entertainment Card can be used for;

  • Venue Hire
    • Events such as 21st birthdays or engagements fall within the definition.
  • Holiday accommodation
    • From a five-star resort to a caravan park satisfies the accommodation rule
    • That ship cruise you have always wanted to go on.
  • Meals
    • Café, restaurant or hotel meals all satisfy the criteria
  • Food and Beverages
    • Consumed at special occasions such as weddings and birthdays also satisfies the criteria.
  • Family and friends
    • Can be included in all of the above expenditure


What can’t I include as a benefit with the Meal and Entertainment Card?

But as we know with any tax legislation the rules must be followed, therefore you cannot include;

  • Takeaway food or bottle shop purchases
  • Regular groceries
  • Hiring outside of meal and venue hire e.g. an Elvis impersonator
  • Movies or musicals
  • Flights to and from your five-star resort


Does this mean that my annual holiday just got cheaper? Can I use it to go overseas or is it for Domestic travel only?

Yes, your annual holiday suddenly can be paid in tax-free dollars. You can use the benefit overseas but be mindful of any additional costs due to currency exchange.


It sounds too good to be true!

The meal and entertainment benefit accrues to employers that either work for NT Public Health, have not for profit status or qualify as a charitable organisation. Due to these classifications, the tax system allows the employer to add value and incentive to their employee’s wages. This adding value is achieved by using the Fringe Benefits Tax legislation. The reality is that the tax system allows it and therefore the employee is within their rights to exercise the benefit.


Do I need to keep receipts?

Yes. Only if you are hosting an event, you will need to keep a record of the event and the attendees. This is just like claiming a deduction with your tax return. It is expected that you retain itemised receipts for all purchases made while using the benefit outside of the card, including venue or holiday accommodation. However, when charging expenses using the meal and entertainment card receipts are not required to be retained.

If you wish to use the SPA money management tool you will be reminded that the expense is of a meal and entertainment nature immediately and you can lodge a photo of the receipt electronically to satisfy ATO requirements.


What if I don’t spend my allocated funds by the end of the FBT year?

Your funds will roll over, but they do not accrue as a benefit. Unfortunately, if you miss the FBT year, you miss the benefit.


What about my HECS and HELP repayments

The $2,650 benefit is reportable. This means that a reportable fringe benefit will appear on your group certificate in the amount of $5,000. You will not pay tax on this $5,000 but it will increase your assessable income. This may have an impact on your repayment of the debt. We suggest you contact your financial advisor for advice where required.


Take advantage of being an employee of NT health or a not-for-profit Employer and start getting your taxation reducing benefits now. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for this benefit then give SPA a call on 1300 786 664 or click the button below to find out more.

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Looking for the best car loan? Then don’t get finance from a car dealer

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It’s the question we get asked at SPA a lot. How do I get the best car loan?

However, the question that customers should look at is how do I get the best car loan for my situation?

This question is far more appropriate, as comparing loans on interest rate alone can be treading a dangerous path. Whilst it’s a great way of measuring payment, it doesn’t necessarily take into account an individual’s situation.

In many cases, and industry studies, more than half of all applicants have to use a “non-conforming” credit facility.

So what does this really mean? Remember that power bill that was forgotten about when you moved rental properties or telco bill you disputed that took months to solve about being overcharged? Well, two to three of the major banks won’t even consider your loan.

This is why talking to a broker is a lot better than talking to a car dealer.

Most brokers will look into seven to nine lenders on a panel compared to a car dealer that only has one or two.

It’s always good to get a second opinion and look at what options and credit criteria meet your personal or business needs. Quite simply it’s the broker’s job to make sure they get the best rate and approval for your situation. If a 5 to 10-minute chat can save you a $1000 on your loan via reduced fees or rate, it’s well worth the phone call.

Additionally, a second opinion is recommended in most situations whether it be medical, purchasing or financial decisions. If you can’t find 5 minutes in your day, stop scrolling through Facebook looking for cat videos – give us a call on 1300 786 664, or email us at Or if you would like more information on SPA car loans, click here.

Remember it’s your money. Make the most of it.


Prepare for your summer road trip with our playlist ideas

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It’s almost summer again and this can only mean one thing! It’s time for a swim at the beach or river with your family or friends. Everyone packs into the car to head off but there’s usually a fight over what comes over the audio system.

Similar to negotiating a peace settlement between nations, someone will have to come up with a playlist that keeps everyone happy! It’s harder than you think and all well-prepared individuals will have a few on hand to suit all audiences.

Get your road trip off you a happy start with these playlist ideas:

  • Think classic. Everyone likes the Beatles. They might say they don’t, but it’s hard not to sing along or tap your foot to a Hard Days Night, or even The Stones Jumping Jack Flash. Queen makes everyone happy too!
  • Avoid the obscure genres or artists that no one has ever heard of. No one wants to listen to the rare Leonard Cohen live track recording via bootleg on a European tour in 1976. Summer music has to be fun and Tom Wait’s gravelly tones probably won’t cut it either.
  • When thinking of beach or summer, you can’t go past the Beach Boys, or maybe even Jimmy Buffett.
  • Try to keep away from the latest overnight pop sensation that every tween is swooning over. No one deserves to be subjected to this torture. The trip needs to be enjoyable and everyone needs to agree.

An enjoyable drive there and back will make you forget about the parking, sand in awkward places and dash of sunburn that comes with each trip!

Now call your friends, grab your car keys, roll down the windows, crank up the volume and get your road trip underway.


Are you worried that you may need to upgrade your car to safely get to your destination, what better time to upgrade your car and sound system then road trip season? Call SPA today on 1300 786 664 to find out what deals you can get before summer rolls in.

Curtain call for the Australian Holden factory

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Well it’s almost here. It’s the start of the end. The last Australian made passenger vehicles are about to roll off the production line. Will anyone miss the Camry? Apart from the long sock wearing fleet managers from yesteryear, probably not. The Camry has just finished production, which is five years too late in my opinion, but only the occasional deluded cab driver who couldn’t afford a Falcon will miss this one.

The car all Australians will miss will be the Commodore. You’ve all driven in one, owned one or if you are Gen Y, maybe were conceived in one. From the VB to VF we all have a favourite that brings back memories. It could have been your First VS Ute or even a VC wagon with a 202 in the front. We all have a memory of one.

There were milestones and sales records broken. Brock conquered the mountain in a few whilst Craig and Jamie took over in his passing. Every primary school boy would talk before school about whose dad got what company car, and the Commodore was the one to have.

Nothing would bring more excitement into most fleet or leasing companies as when the Holden Rep would bring in the keys to the latest released V8. The whole office would simply stop as everyone wanted to drive it.

We as a nation of car buyers are very lucky. We have a crowded market and every manufacturer will fight for your ownership and hard earned money. Don’t buy boring. Buy the car you want and create memories and road trips you deserve.

To make more long lasting memories, call SPA today on 1300 786 664, or email us at