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Save money on car servicing, repairs & tyres

Enjoy access to a network of thousands of automotive repairers offering exclusive fleet discounts to S.P.A customers! 

S.P.A. Maint-Assist, powered by Australia’s #1 booking site for car services & repairs

S.P.A has partnered with AutoGuru to provide our customers access to the best network of automotive repairers in Australia. With each repairer’s credentials verified by AutoGuru, you can be confident knowing that the work on your car is being completed by a qualified professional.

Better yet, all the work done to your vehicle will be verified by an authorisations team, who will ensure that only the correct and necessary tasks are being completed at the best price.

Finding a repairer and booking your car in for its next service or repair is super easy.

Here’s how it works

Step 1Stick & download

Place the sticker you received in your welcome pack to your windscreen or logbook. 

Add the digital maintenance card to your digital wallet by downloading it from the welcome pack or by clicking the buttons below.

Step 2Find a repairer

Visit the S.P.A merchant finder. Enter your location, vehicle make, preferred service provider type and service to find an authorised local repairer.

Contact your preferred repairer directly to organise a booking.

Step 3Drop off & collect

Drop your car at the repairer and show them your sticker/digital maintenance card. This will ensure you get access to your discounts and verified work!

When you collect your vehicle you won’t need to pay anything, we’ll look after that for you.

Frequently asked questions

How will the repairer know I'm an S.P.A. customer?

Firstly, make sure you tell them when you book in for your vehicle maintenance. When you drop your vehicle off, also show them the sticker on the inside right of your windscreen, or the digital maintenance card on your phone.

Why don't I have to pay the supplier when I pick up my car?

Because your servicing costs are paid with your salary sacrificed funds, S.P.A. makes life easy for you and looks after all of the billing and payments in the background. This way, you can just drop off your vehicle for a service, and drive away once the work is completed. Easy.

How much discount or saving can I expect from using this process?

As an S.P.A. customer, you can expect to receive up to a 15% discount on servicing and repairs.

How do I add the digital maintenance card to my phone wallet?

You’ll have been sent an introduction letter in the post. Simply scan the QR code in the letter with your phone or click the links above.

Where do I put the vehicle sticker?

Place the vehicle sticker on the inside of your windscreen on the top right-hand side. This is usually where your previous servicing stickers have been placed.