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Give your Education employees a pay rise with Salary Packaging

Utilise our comprehensive experience in the Education sector to attract, recruit, engage and retain skilled employees with attractive benefit packages which will allow them to pay less tax, and have more take home pay every pay cycle

Salary Packaging benefitsWhy choose SPA

Are you an employer of choice?

Our flexible, compliant, and trusted salary packaging products can save your employees thousands in tax, and make your organisation the first choice for talent. Take advantage of the wide range of tax saving benefits available to the Education sector to increase employee retention and build loyalty

What benefits can I offer our employees?

SPA offers the full range of Salary Packaging benefits to the Education sector at no additional cost to the employer


Is my organisation eligible?

Depending upon your organisation’s exact situation, i.e. your location, where your staff live and whether they relocate for work, we highly encourage you to reach out to us and we will discuss which salary packaging benefits you may be able to offer. We work with many Education employers who offer this mutually beneficial arrangement to their staff as an employee incentive program

How it works

Rebatable Benefit

e.g. Gavin is a maths teacher at the local grammar school and has a salary package of $88,000 per annum before super. His take home pay was $2,529, every fortnight before he paid the mortgage on his house, which is $610 every fortnight. Therefore after he paid his mortgage, he had $1,919 left. We set up his salary package to pay his mortgage from his pretax salary by using his available cap and included the FBT liability after the rebate of 47% was applied. His take home pay after his mortgage was paid went to $1,941 every fortnight. Effectively this meant that his pay increased by $14 every fortnight, which equates to an extra $361 per year.

Remote Area Benefit

e.g. Janelle lives in Port Douglas, QLD and works for a private school in the same area. Due to the nature and location of Janelle’s employer and her house, Janelle can use the Remote Area Benefit. This could help her save tax while living and working in a remote area, as 50% of her rent becomes tax free. Janelle currently pays $600 per week to rent her current property, and can package $300 per week. On her current salary of $73,000, she will save approximately $5,174 per annum or $99.50 net per week.

Why Salary Packaging Australia?

Salary Packaging Australia are the specialists in outsourced Salary Packaging for Education employers right across the country.

Our team handle everything for both you and your employee. It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Thousands of Australian Education workers love salary packaging through us

Getting into the details

Attract. Recruit. Engage. Retain. Employer Guide

How Salary Packaging can make your organisation even more attractive

Have any questions or need to learn more?

Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team directly, we are here to help

Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team, we are here to help