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Novated Lease Calculator

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* This calculator contains general information and does not necessarily take all of your personal circumstances into account. Salary Packaging Australia encourages you to seek professional, independent tax or financial advice and to consider whether this information is right for you before making a decision. The availability of any packaging benefit is subject to your employer’s approval and compliance with the Australian Income Tax Assessment Act (1997). The Australian Taxation Office can provide advice on compliance.

All benefit examples based on a 60 months terms driving 15,000 km per annum on a $85,000 annual salary. Prices excluding GST under novated lease and images are for display purposes only. Vehicles subject to availability. Pricing is based upon supply of motor vehicle in South-east QLD. Vehicle pricing may be subject to change without notice. Pricing may vary dependant on the exact location and State of purchase and are based on PAYG income tax rates as at 1/10/2020.

The salary packaging of motor vehicles works for you by substituting a taxable benefit with a non-taxable benefit. The above cost figures represent the estimated impact on your take home pay taking into account those tax benefits based on the assumptions outlined. You should obtain independent financial advice taking into account your personal circumstances before you rely on these figures. Salary Packaging Australia Pty Ltd ABN 53 0 0 9 643 485

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Need help or want to discuss?

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