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Give yourself a pay rise with Salary Packaging

Employees throughout Australia may be able to claim everyday items such as laptops, tools of trade, and bus travel and many more through Salary Packaging. You can put more money back in your pocket each week with SPA

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Pay for some of your work related expenses from your pre-tax salary

If you travel on a bus to work, buy tools for your job, or even purchase and use your own electronic equipment to perform your job, you could be leaving money on the table. With Minor Exempt Benefit items you may be able to pay for these items with your pre-tax salary, which in turn increases the amount you take home each pay day.

Am I eligible for Minor Exempt Benefits?

Depending upon on your exact situation, i.e. where you live, your industry, and whether you undertake work related travel, we highly encourage you to reach out to us and we will discuss which exempt benefits you may be able to claim. We work with thousands of employers who offer this mutually beneficial arrangement to their staff as an employee incentive program.

What benefits can I salary package?

  • Work related Self-Education Expenses
  • Disability/Income Protection
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Bus Travel
  • Laptops, Mobiles & Devices
  • Compassionate Travel
  • Professional Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Airport Lounge Membership
  • Tools of Trade

How it works

Example 1

Sally lives in Chermside and works in Brisbane CBD. Sally earns an annual salary of $84,659 working for an accounting firm in Brisbane city. She works 52 weeks a year and travels to and from work via bus. From Chermside it is a 2 zone journey and would cost her $7.80 per day, totalling $2,028.00 per year. Using our Bus Travel Benefit, Sally can pay for this before tax. Sally’s weekly tax burden is $378.35. Sally’s weekly take-home pay is $1,249.70. Sally pays bus travel fares of $39 per week. Sally’s weekly take-home pay after using the bus travel benefit is $1,222.73. With the bus travel benefit, Sally’s cost of transport is paid for using pre-tax dollars. Sally is saving $625 per annum using this benefit.

Example 2

Katie earns an annual salary of $88,500 working for an advertising agency in Brisbane. She is looking to buy a new MacBook Pro as it would assist her greatly with her creative job. A new series 16 inch MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage will cost $3,799. Katie saves $47.66 per week through SPA by packaging her laptop.

Why Salary Packaging Australia?

Salary Packaging Australia are the specialists in outsourced Salary Packaging for employers right across the country.

Our team handle everything for both you and your employer. It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Thousands of Australian workers love salary packaging through us

Getting into the details

Exempt Benefit Item Fact Sheet

Are you utilising these exempt benefit items to increase your savings?

Compassionate Travel Fact Sheet

Need to travel due to illness or death in the family?

Bus Travel Fact Sheet

Do you travel to and from work on the bus?

Have any questions or need to learn more?

* This calculator contains general information and does not necessarily take all of your personal circumstances into account. Salary Packaging Australia encourages you to seek professional, independent tax or financial advice and to consider whether this information is right for you before making a decision. The availability of any packaging benefit is subject to your employer’s approval and compliance with the Australian Income Tax Assessment Act (1997). The Australian Taxation Office can provide advice on compliance.

Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team directly, we are here to help

Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team, we are here to help