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Save money on your next vehicle with a Novated Lease

Benefit from making the most of your everyday running expenses pre-tax (including repayments, fuel, servicing, tyres and more)

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Novated Leasing is the smart way to buy your next car

Let’s face it. Cars can cost quite a bit of money when you add up all the repayments, running and repair costs.  So why not buy your new car using pre-tax income instead? Calculate your existing running costs

Novated Leasing through Salary Packaging Australia is the smart way to do it, giving you a brand new car of your choice, while saving you money on tax in the process.

What is Novated Leasing?

It’s quite simple – Employees may lease a vehicle through their employer via Salary Packaging Australia, and save income tax in the process.


SPA sets up the lease of your vehicle in your name

along with all your running costs

Your employer processes your pay differently

to take advantage of existing pre-tax and GST-free
arrangements for novated leasing

You get the benefit and savings of

a reduced taxable income via discounted vehicle purchase prices due to our buying power, you save the GST component on the vehicle, and a full fleet management service

Even your employer benefits, as they can do you a huge favour, and it helps them to attract and retain the good employees.

You can include nearly ALL of your running costs in the arrangement

Novated Leasing not only gives you a brand new car at a fantastic purchase price, but it also allows you to include many of the running costs in your pre-tax income.

  • Finance repayments
  • Fuel
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Roadside assistance
  • Get fleet pricing on your vehicle
  • Save GST on the purchase price
  • Convenience of a fuel card
  • Online salary packaging account balances

We’ve got brand new vehicles, starting at just $117 per week

Access to a wide range of brand new vehicles at fleet prices – so you don’t have to hunt around or negotiate with a car dealer (we even do all of the paperwork on your behalf).

Why Salary Packaging Australia?

Salary Packaging Australia are the specialists in outsourced Salary Packaging for employers right across the country.

Our team handle everything for both you and your employer (including sourcing vehicles, finance, insurance, servicing and more). So you get a great new car and save money on tax, and your employer gets to help. It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Thousands of Australian car owners love leasing through us

Getting into the details

What is a Novated Lease?

Put simply, a novated lease is a financial agreement between you (the employee), your employer and the company lending you the money to finance your car purchase. You borrow money from the finance company to purchase your car, and your employer arranges to have your regular lease repayments deducted directly from your salary (this is known as salary sacrificing). These deductions are made from your salary before tax is calculated, thus reducing your taxable income and saving you money. You pay less tax!

Do I need to have any business use for my car to use this service or save tax?

No, you do not need to be using your car for business purposes to save tax under a novated lease arrangement. The car is your personal vehicle and is registered in your name.

What are the advantages of a Salary Package with a novated lease?

The main advantage of a novated lease is the potential tax savings employees can make under a novated lease arrangement. These savings will be different for everybody and we urge you to contact our experienced team to discuss your options.

Can I get a novated lease on a used car?

Yes. You do not have to purchase a brand new car in order to enjoy the advantages offered by a novated lease agreement. Some restrictions will apply to the purchase of a used vehicle. Our team will be able to assist you when you are ready.

What happens if I leave my job?

If you leave your workplace before the lease has expired, simply contact us and we can help set you up a new agreement with your new employer.

What sort of car can I buy?

The choice is yours!   There are generally very few restrictions on the type of car you can package.  At SPA we have built relationships with dealers across Australia to get you the best deal on your new car purchase.

Is anyone else allowed to drive the car other than me?

Yes, of course.  Because the car is yours and registered in your name, who you let drive your car is your decision.

How do I work out my savings?

To get an indication of your potential savings, you can use our online calculator. However, to gain a better understanding of the potential savings you can make, contact our friendly SPA team for an obligation free consultation.

Am I able to speak to someone directly to ask questions?

Call SPA on 1300 786 664 and our helpful team will be able to assist you in offering the benefits of salary packaging to your staff. We also have an employer section on our website to give you some general information on how salary packaging works for employers.

What do I do if I lose my fuel card?

Contact us immediately on 1300 786 664 we will cancel your old card and reissue you with a new one.

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Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team directly, we are here to help

Need help or want to discuss?

Contact our team, we are here to help