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FIFO Mining & Remote Workers, Start Saving Tax Now

By May 17, 2017June 15th, 2022No Comments
FIFO Salary Packaging Australia

As a MINING/GOVERNMENT employee, did you know that you can expense your FIFO expenses? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me!  These benefits include:

  • Travel costs dependent on where you live and travel to and from
  • Housing benefits such as mortgage, rent, power, gas and electricity costs
  • Novated leases which includes finance, insurance, service and maintenance including fuel, and registration

Through SPA, you can claim all the benefits above if you are a FIFO employee using salary packaging. This will save you money every pay cycle, and our easy to use claim system will make every work trip a breeze!

These requirements below will help you understand if you are eligible for these amazing and cost saving benefits. To be eligible, ALL of the following must apply:

  • You work for a number of days and have a number of days off which are not the same days in consecutive weeks (that is, following one week after another without interruption), such as a standard five-day working week and weekend. This occurs on a regular and rotational basis
  • You return to your normal residence during the days off
  • Your work duties continue to be undertaken by other employees on a rotational basis while you are on your days off
  • It is unreasonable for you to travel to and from work and your normal residence on a daily basis, given the locations of your work and home, and
  • It is reasonable to expect that you will resume living at your normal residence when your normal work duties no longer require you to live away from home.

If all of the above apply to you, make sure you talk to us at SPA on 1300786664 about the possible savings you could be making.

To find out what your potential benefit will be instantly, click below on our Exempt Benefit Calculator and hit the enquire now button, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Exempt Benefit Calculator