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Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card and its uses?

By July 10, 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments
A person using the Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card

The Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card is the easiest way to spend your living expenses. S.P.A. and EML have teamed up to provide employees with a simple and easy way to pay for your living expenses. This way, you don’t have to provide receipts or proof of purchase as they are easily tracked using the card.

The Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card offers the opportunity to allocate a portion of your gross annual salary (up to $15,900, subject to employer limitations) towards various daily essentials. These essentials encompass a wide range of items, including bills, groceries, clothing, private travel, and numerous other necessities.

Many individuals manage various accounts to cover specific expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, bills, discretionary spending, and savings. However, by acquiring the S.P.A. card, you can consolidate most of these accounts and streamline your financial management using pre-tax salary. Together with your salary packaging advisor, you determine an agreed-upon amount that will be loaded onto the card, functioning just like a debit card. It even offers Tap & go functionality for convenience.

If you’re interested in obtaining a Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card or transitioning from your current one, the S.P.A. team simplifies the process for you. Additionally, you can utilise our instant savings calculator to determine the potential tax savings and make smarter spending choices.



Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card Frequently Asked Questions

To give you a little more information about the Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card we have put together some FAQs to help you through the process.

What is a Salary Packaging Living Expenses Card?

The S.P.A. card, offered through a partnership between SPA and EML, is designed as a living expenses card enabling employees to conveniently make payments for a wide range of items within their Fringe Benefits Tax cap. It functions akin to a standard debit card but utilises pre-tax funds. This straightforward and user-friendly solution empowers employees to effortlessly cover expenses related to their salary-packaged items.


What are considered living expenses?

Living expenses are everyday expenses that are incurred by you or your family such as electricity and phone bills, council rates, groceries, household expenses, clothing and shoes, and private travel (domestic and overseas).


How do I make payments from my Salary Packaging Expenses Card?

You can use your card with Mastercard™ Tap & go, or insert the chip and pay using your PIN. You can also use it when paying third parties and to do so, simply use your 16 digit card number to make the transaction.

NB: No other funds can be transferred to your salary packaging cards, other than those predetermined and agreed upon by your Salary Packaging Administrator and your payroll officers.


Does my balance need to be zero at the end of the FBT year?

It is recommended that you have zero balance at the end of the FBT year (March 31). This means that you are eligible to salary package the full benefit amount in the following year. Please contact SPA for further details. EML can also assist you in spending remaining funds on your card.


How do I check my balance?

You can access your general living expenses by accessing the SALPACAUS app.


Can I order additional cards?

Yes, you may request up to two additional cards for family members. The additional card transactions will be included in your overall annual purchases. Please contact SPA to request the additional cards.


What will happen when/if I leave my job?

From the date of your termination, you will have a certain period of days to spend the funds on your card.

Don’t wait to start spending wisely. Apply today.